Kerinia Cusick

Co-Founder & Board President
Center for Renewables Integration

Kerinia co-founded Center for Renewables Integration (CRI), Inc. in 2017. CRI primarily works at the state level, advising and helping to develop policies to enable a high percentage of variable, renewable generation to connect to the electricity grid, without impacting reliability, and while maintaining a focus on cost. As part of this effort, CRI works extensively on issues relating to energy storage, compensation of distributed energy resources, procurement of clean electricity, and smart inverters. Additionally, CRI has been a leading company on the issue of using energy storage as a transmission asset, teaming up with a former FERC Chairman to perform a deep dive analysis of FERC regulations. In addition to her role at CRI, Kerinia provides go-to-market consulting to companies entering the renewable energy market, as well as renewable energy firms looking to grow. Prior to CRI, Kerinia was at SunEdison for approximately 8 years. In that time, she led energy storage commercialization and financeability, and ran the company’s national Government Affairs team. Kerinia is also an ex-aerospace engineer and holds degrees from University of Southern California and Drexel University.