John Westerman

Vice President, Technical Solutions
Dynamic Energy Networks

Mr. Westerman is Vice President of Technical Solutions at Dynamic Energy Networks (“DEN”) and is responsible for managing the due diligence of prospective energy projects. Mr. Westerman has more than 30 years of experience in the development, evaluation, and application of emerging energy technologies and systems. Prior to joining the DEN team Mr. Westerman served as Vice President at Hitatchi America where his areas of expertise included microgrids, electric energy storage, thermal energy storage, combined heat and power, fuel cells, PV, building energy systems, controls, and system commissioning. Mr. Westerman is the former Vice President of Grid Intellect and Green Energy Corp, and prior to that was a senior program manager at SAIC. Mr. Westerman has supported two US DOE funded microgrid projects (Borrego Springs and Onley Town Center), several electric energy storage demonstration projects, implemented commercial energy storage projects, consulted to energy storage vendors, and has a patent on a thermal energy storage system. Mr. Westerman has conducted more than 60 microgrid assessments and initial designs. Mr. Westerman has an MBA from the University of San Diego and a B.S. in Physics from the University of California, San Diego.